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CYCCB Office
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Virtually Proctored Online Testing

CYCCB implemented virtually proctored online testing in Summer 2021. All CYCCB exams are now available virtually. This significantly improves CYC practitioner access to testing and certification worldwide. Testing is now available 24/7 so you can schedule a time that best meets your needs.

The virtual testing program was co-developed by CYCCB working with their partner, Indiana University (IU).  The program uses the IU Canvas platform coupled with the Examity proctoring system. Practitioners using the system have a live proctor monitoring their exam experience.

Setting up virtual testing is a multistep process. Some steps need to be completed before the day of the exam appointment.

Scheduling a Virtually Proctored On-line Exam

  1. Register for testing at the registration link.
  2. proctored testing woman computerPay for testing or send an email to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. providing information on the organization that is paying for testing (Include: contact and organization name, email address, level of testing desired, whether payment will be made electronically or by check). The CYCCB Office will issue an invoice. 

  3. The CYCCB Office will confirm payment and then send instructions to your email address with the steps to set up a virtual exam. This is a multistep process. Some steps need to be completed before the day of the exam appointment.

  4. Additional fees to avoid. If your organization is paying for testing, be aware that most organizations will not cover these additional fees. Test result letters and certification approval are held until full payment has been received.

    1. When scheduling your exam, schedule more than 24 hours in the future. If you schedule or reschedule your exam within 24 hours, an additional $6 US ($8 Canadian) fee is incurred. (Example: It’s 6 PM. You schedule your exam for tomorrow at 9 AM. This is within 24 hours and will incur the additional fee.)

    2. If you are late to the testing appointment or you miss your appointment, this is considered a “no-show” and you will be charged an additional $30 US ($39 Canadian) and you will have to reschedule the appointment. If you reschedule the appointment within 24 hours, an additional $6 US ($8 Canadian) fee is also incurred, as described above.

    3. If your internet drops once, the proctor will keep the exam open for 10 minutes waiting for you to reconnect. If it drops more than once, you will need to reschedule to complete your exam. You will likely have to complete your exam on another day. You will incur a $30 US ($39 Canadian) rescheduling fee and may incur an additional $6 fee ($8 Canadian) if you schedule within 24 hours.

      If you get disconnected, contact the CYCCB Office so your exam time can be reset. You will then need to reschedule to complete the exam. (Example: you have a power or internet outage after spending 2 hours taking the exam. Your exam will be reset for 1 additional hour so that the total testing time is 3 hours).

  5. You can always contact the office for help at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.or by calling (979) 764-7306.

  6. You will be sent a test result letter by US Mail within 2 weeks of your exam appointment.

Before You Login to Take the Exam (Review to be sure you understand the following)

  1. You will need a quiet, distraction free environment with comfortable seating and a place to station the computer during the exam period. The environment may not include study or reference materials, other people in close proximity, additional computers, dual monitors, headphones, cameras, or telephones available to the person testing. The environment is documented by the monitoring video before testing begins. You must be alone in the room with no one talking to you.

    Clear your desk and surrounding area before signing in to the exam. A drink on the desk is permitted. Headphones are not allowed. If you are testing in a library or public space, request a space where you can talk to the test monitor without bothering others. 

  2. Use a computer with a webcam, speakers, and microphone that can link to high-speed internet. Testing cannot be conducted on a cell phone, iPad or Chrome Book. The webcam, speakers, and microphone must remain on throughout the exam.

  3. computer at deskThe security system monitors for people talking to the test taker. This can be viewed by the virtual proctor as a violation of testing security and can lead to the exam being closed. 

  4. Use stable internet with a Chrome browser. Chrome is the only browser that can be used with the virtual testing platform. Download Chrome browser.

  5. Disruption in internet access can cause the exam to close before the 3 hour testing time has elapsed. Testers are encouraged to use a public library or other public access space if they believe that their work or home environment does not offer an adequately dependable internet signal. If a person loses access during the testing process the system will not allow rejoining the exam without contacting the CYCCB office. This likely means that testing cannot be completed at that time.

  6. You will need a government issued picture identification of the person testing (i.e., driver’s license, government issued ID, passport, etc). This will be recorded by the video monitor before testing begins to confirm the test taker’s identity.

  7. Keep your computer connected to a power source.

  8. Stay in view of the webcam for the duration of the exam (you are allowed a bathroom break - just let the proctor know).

  9. Failure to follow the test security protocols is grounds for disqualifying the exam. If an exam is disqualified it cannot be retaken.