2012 Certification Updates

The competencies upon which the CYC Certification Institute program is based have been crosswalked (compared) to the competencies contained in the
Competencies for Professional Child and Youth Work Practitioners (2010) and the Nationally Recognized Core Competencies for Afterschool and Youth Development Professionals. The conclusion of the ad hoc committee is that the competencies are substantially congruent and describe the same field of practice. This has opened the door for further collaboration across practice setting including: juvenile justice, after school, residential, foster care and disabilities. The CYC Certification Institute system has discontinued use of the competency descriptions previously used.

Copyright c 2014-2016 Child & Youth Care Worker Certification Institute, Inc.

Copyright c 2014-2016 Child & Youth Care Worker Certification Institute, Inc.

Testing Availability

The CYC Institute and CYCCB are in process of changing on-line testing providers.   Over the next 6 months the on-line testing system will be changing.   In the interim, please contact the CYC Office to schedule testing in your area (979) 764-7306.

Changes to Certification Requirements

Work is underway to add a new CYC-A Provisional Certification for practitioners who are graduating from 2 year education programs based on the CYC Certification Competencies. Students in these programs who have met all the requirements with the exception of the experience requirement (3 years) will be able to certify at this level for up to 30 months as they work in the field. For more information on this new option, contact the CYC Office.  

Competency Crosswalk

The competencies upon which the CYC Certification Institute is based have. . .(more)

Certification in Ohio and Wisconsin

Over 2015, the CYC Institute replaced the previous CYC certification programs in Ohio (sponsored by the Ohio Association of CYC Professionals), in Wisconsin (sponsored by the Wisconsin Association of CYC Professionals), and the Indiana Youth Development Credential (sponsored by Indiana YouthPRO) with the CYC Institute's 3-tier program. Practitioners in each of these states have been reassigned to new certification levels based on the Institute's system. These changes will greatly expand benefits and recognition of certification for practitioners in these states. 

Certification Renewal

The new On-line Renewal system is implemented in this website.   It allows practitioners to access on-line payment of fees and submission of documents.    An alternate renewal method has been added that allows practitioners to document other professional activities as proof of professional engagement and continuing education.   Please use this system for future renewals.   Follow this link to the renewal page.